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What We Do

Funway Travel & Tours takes a complete vacation approach to travel planning.  This helps to ensure you are receiving the vacation experience that is right for you.  It is easy to go online and find a low-priced travel “deal” but the old “get what you pay for” saying comes into play in most cases and if the “deal” is not the experience you are looking for the low price doesn’t matter in the end.  Here are a few services we offer…

Cruise Vacations

A cruise experience offers the opportunity to experience the world as you choose. Whether you’re looking to spend a week relaxing with family in the Caribbean, or swim among dolphins of the South Pacific, cruising offers a world of opportunity.

You can tailor your experience based on your budget, selecting specific accommodations, dining arrangements and even shore excursions. Most cruises already include dining, entertainment, and gratuities, offering options for even the most cost conscious traveler.

Vacation Packages

Vacations are the best time to break free from the monotony of the mundane and existing routine.  With the limited time on hand, you may think of escaping into an extended retreat, a romantic gateway, or a weekend escapade. If the idea strikes a chord with you and you wish to proceed on one of these vacations, contact us. Now is the good time to listen to your heart and head for a soul-pleasing getaway. We specialize in offering best vacation deals to travelers. Whether you wish to holiday within the United States or outside, we have something for you. Family holiday, beach holiday or a romantic escapade – be assured about the exclusivity of the packages that we offer. Now is the time to book exciting, and exclusive vacation deals.

Escorted Vacations

An escorted tour offers freedom and flexibility and the opportunity to explore all corners of the world. If critics take aim at the concept of escorted touring they paint a picture of huge groups of people sitting on a coach all day, stopping occasionally to walk behind a skyward sheathed umbrella.

In addition to less planning, nearly all accommodation, transfers and excursion prices will be incorporated in the main price of the escorted tour, allowing you to budget more effectively. Transfers, tour guides and some meals, along with sightseeing and entrance fees to attractions are usually included too.

Rail Vacations

You’ve dreamed of a train vacation, now it’s time to make it happen. With Funway, there’s an adventure for every type of traveler. Hop from city center to city center, making memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life along the way.

We offer expertly planned vacations by train to the most sought-after destinations throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, and beyond.


We help all sorts of groups.

Voluntourism/Humanitarian Efforts 
Philanthropy shouldn’t be stifled by the cost of a plane ticket. We help humanitarian groups get low prices so they can go help others. 

Sport teams
When winning the big game requires teams to travel, you can help them go for the gold with our low fares. 

Religious pilgrimages
Spirituality knows no boundaries, so we’re happy to plan trips to wherever your faith takes you. 

Study Abroad
We ensure student travelers get the most enriching experience at the lowest price possible.


Funway Travel & Tours’ reservations systems have access to more than 800,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.  Interested in a vacation rental instead of a hotel, give us a call!  We’ve got your covered.

Airline Reservations

From simple domestic tickets to complex international itineraries, Funway Travel & Tours searches multiple private fare types as well as published airfares to bring you the best prices and flight options.  With hundreds of airlines in our system, you can book air ‘anywhere to anywhere’.  We have contracted fares with over 50 airlines to destinations around the world!

Rental Car Reservations

When in a new city the first thought that crosses your mind is how to explore the length and breadth of the city? Discovering the city on four wheels is a great idea. It is wonderful to do that at your own speed and convenience. That is only possible by renting out a car in a city alien to you. Now renting out a car gets even simpler with us.

Motorhome Rentals

Traveling by car and staying in hotels is a great way to travel, but when you really want to get to know a place there is no better way than renting a motorhome.  These days, lots of travelers are foregoing staying in hotels for vacationing by motorhome, and the most common reason for this is pure economics.  While traveling by RV is certainly a great value, dollars and cents are not the only motivating factor in the recent uptick in motorhome rentals and campsite reservations.

Travel Protection Coverage

We understand that peace of mind is important while traveling, that’s why we recommend our optional Travel Protection Plan. It protects your travel investment, allowing you to cancel for any reason up to 24 hours before departure. You’ll also be covered should you become sick while traveling and need to return home. 

Missionary Travel

Traveling with or on behalf of a non-profit organization or church, then you owe it to yourself to give us a call.

Everyone Welcome — Volunteer Today.

If you are looking for the lowest airfare and are traveling with or on behalf of a non-profit organization or church, then you owe it to yourself to call us. Since the airlines limit who has access to these fares, we are unable to offer an online booking engine. You and your organization must qualify for access to these special discounted fares.


Funway Travel & Tours has been working with missionaries, both short term and long term, for 26 years. We are one of the few agencies in the United States able to offer missionary rates, and we have the experience to help plan your trip and avoid costly mistakes.

Air travel has made the ends of the earth nearer. Funway Travel & Tours is your partner for church travel, medical mission, or world missions. Do you need to arrive on a certain day? Travel with excess baggage? Need a layover included in the price? Concerned about possible change fees? After a consultation with one of our agents, we can offer you the best options and value for your missionary travel. Our keen attention to detail and decades of experience will help you and your team sort through all of the details for the best price, itinerary, and terms.

Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Releif

The call of the world’s hurting and the hopeless is strong and you are ready to help. Funway Travel & Tours is a world leader in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Travel. As your support staff, we allow you to focus on connecting with people who cannot come to you. We focus on the details that make all of the other connections, airlines, hotels, car rentals.

When anyone is facing the devastating aftermath of a natural disaster we naturally want to reach out and provide assistance in their time of loss.

Anybody Can Help

Agencies worldwide need volunteers to provide critical services to needy people. Can you help someone plant a vegetable garden? Researchers in South Africa have found that the combination of key vitamins and minerals can lengthen a woman’s life by 2-3 years if she is infected with HIV. Those extra years with her children are worth everything. Can you help a person write a business plan? Many organizations offer micro loans. With as little as $50, a person in a developing country can purchase goats to breed and for milk, a basic sewing machine and a few yards of material, or beads to make jewelry. Can you tutor a child in math or English? Children are hungry for an education, a chance to better their lives. Those with skills are more likely to get a job.

Humanitarian Aid Agencies

Whether you have skills or just a willingness to help, you can find an agency willing to give you an opportunity to serve. For training in both in the moment Disaster Relief, and ongoing projects, the American Red Cross is a great place to start.

The American Red Cross Depends on Volunteers

Volunteers constitute 96 percent of our total work force to carry on the ARC’s humanitarian work:

  • Every year the Red Cross responds to more than 70,000 disasters—including approximately 150 home fires every day.
  • About 11 million Americans turn to us to learn first aid, CPR, swimming, and other health and safety skills. Last year, more than 158,000 people volunteered to teach those courses.
  • Half the nation’s blood supply— six million pints annually—is collected by more than 155,000 Red Cross volunteers .
  • Among our emergency services for the men and women of the armed forces is the delivery of urgent family messages—around the clock and around the globe.
  • More than 30,900 volunteers serve as chairs, members of boards of directors, or on advisory boards for local Red Cross units – chapters, Blood Services regions, and military stations.
  • As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Red Cross reconnects more than 8,000 families separated by conflicts and disasters around the world through international tracking services and Red Cross messages.

Habitat for Humanity was started by a couple, Millard and Linda Fuller, who, in 1976, decided they had plenty, and took their life in a new direction of service. Today, the organization has provided housing to 1.5 million people, using funds from donations and no-interest loans on the houses they build. Whether you are skilled or merely eager, Habitat for Humanity can use you on location worldwide.

The Fund for Humanity’s mission statement: What the poor need is not charity but capital, not caseworkers but co-workers. And what the rich need is a wise, honorable and just way of divesting themselves of their overabundance. The Fund for Humanity will meet both of these needs. Money for the fund will come from shared gifts by those who feel they have more than they need and from non-interest bearing loans from those who cannot afford to make a gift but who do want to provide working capital for the disinherited . . . The fund will give away no money. It is not a handout.

Volunteer Today

The possibilities are endless, and work worthwhile, and the benefits lasting. Volunteer today, it will change your life forever.

For discounted airfare for Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid, call Funway Travel & Tours.  Our team of experienced travel agents will walk you through the process of obtaining a discounted airfare for your work. We work with individuals, groups, and organizations. Call or email today.

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